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Peregrine Integrated Management, Inc is a project management, quality management, and business process improvement consulting & training firm. We also offer professional recruiting and placement services in conjunction with our corporate partners Prosigo and CEG Partners. We help our clients identify and implement process improvements and best practices that lead to increased profits, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.  Our network of professional project managers, consultants, analysts, and corporate trainers have years of experience in various sectors to include aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and information technology.  Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education, Peregrine Project Management and Lean Six Sigma courses have been granted an exemption by Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education to provide training programs which are offered by an employer for training its employees for which no tuition fee is charged the employee.

We believe in a data-driven approach to problem solving; executed through unparalleled hard work, commitment, and passion for perfection. We leverage our many years of experience and expertise in business process management, predicated upon an in-depth understanding of the complex components that foster process excellence and utilizing proven methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma, and ITIL to drive specific and measurable business process improvements straight to our customer’s bottom line. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by truly partnering with our clients from strategy through implementation.

Peregrine offers a diverse suite of professional services designed to make your business more efficient and effective. Services include project management, quality management, business process improvement, certification training, and professional recruiting.  

 Our network of consultants and trainers possess executive and operational experience in a variety of business sectors and have used proven methodologies like, PMBOK(TM), Baldrige Criteria, Lean, Six Sigma, and Balanced Scorecard to drive specific and measurable organizational improvements.  

We work with our clients to identify areas ripe for improvement; implement sustainable solutions; and offer process innovations that improve employee morale, customer loyalty and the bottom line.

Executive Briefing
Peregrine team members consult with your executive team to better understand your business goals and vision. Conferring with you we determine where your business opportunities exist and target areas for improvement.

Business Assessment
Our senior analysts know the most effective approach to become familiar with your business is to talk with the individuals closest to the issues. We watch their work and listen to their inputs to insure we have an understanding of their procedure and what they perceive as obstacles to success. We additionally take a look at the metrics and data already being gathered to determine if it is providing effective information to facilitate informed decisions at the appropriate levels.

Impact Assessment
Utilizing the information gained from your leadership team and the process specialists, our experts work with you to identify and prioritize projects that will have the greatest impact on your organization. We incorporate an evaluation of the benefits the organization can hope to acheive if the projects are executed and improvements deployed.

Program Deployment
Your leadership group will get a detailed report of the Peregrine Team's discoveries. In a teaming approach, we draft a 'way-ahead' that outlines the scope, goals and timeline for Peregrine’s engagement. All of which will string together to attain improvements in your operational measurements and vital business objectives.