Quality Improvement Services

Peregrine delivers a team of experts to coach your organization through all aspects of the Baldrige Quality journey. Our consultants have served as examiners at the state or national level and they have at least 20 years of experience in areas such as education, information technology, leadership development, and process improvement. Peregrine Baldrige consultants are experts in process planning, execution, and analysis. Our coaching is flexible and tailored to meet customer needs but would typically include an analysis of organization key performance factors, performance metrics, strategic planning, customer and workforce engagement, key operational processes, and results.  Simply put, we view your success as our success.

Our team of experts can provide superior consultation, training and facilitation in all of the following areas

Organizational Description 
• Understand your core competencies. 
• Understand your regulatory environment. 
• Identify governance roles and relationships. 
• Understand the role of suppliers. 

Organizational Situation 
• Know your strengths, vulnerabilities, and opportunities. 
• Know your competitors. 
• Know your strategic challenges. 
• Prepare for disruptive technologies.

Strategic planning asks how your organization develops strategic objectives and action plans, implements them, changes them if circumstances require, and measures progress. 

The process stresses that learning-centered education, your organization’s long-term organizational sustainability, and your competitive environment are key strategic issues that need to be integral parts of your overall planning. Making decisions about your organization’s core competencies and work systems is an integral part of ensuring your organization’s sustainability, and these decisions are therefore key strategic decisions. 

While many organizations are increasingly adept at strategic planning, executing plans is still a significant challenge. This is especially true given market demands to be agile and be prepared for unexpected change, such as volatile economic conditions or disruptive technologies that can upset an otherwise fast-paced but more predictable market. This area highlights the need focus not only on developing your plans, but also on your capability to execute them. 

Strategy Development
•Planning a future-oriented basis for action. 
•Cultivating productive competitive leadership. 
•Designing effective work systems
•Strategy Implementation
•Developing and deploying action plans. 
•Performing analyses to support resource allocation. 
•Creating workforce plans. 
•Projecting your future environment. 
•Projecting and comparing your performance.

According to Arthur C. Clarke, “the future ain’t what it used to be.” Peregrine coaches can engage participants from all levels of the organization in a discussion of the future and its impact on how we face change in our daily lives. The goal is to discover the organization’s ability to create their own, organizationally sound “preferred future.” Taking the inputs from the workforce and the current processes in-place, we can meld a plan to optimize results for the future.

Our approach to cultural transformation looks at the processes and people involved to shape the future ahead. We facilitate active engagement with those closest to the issues and with management to help the organization break down ‘silos’ to better understand immediate and multiple order impacts to proposed changes.

Workforce Focus
Our workforce focus starts with current status and then moves toward the future to see how to best plan for workforce shaping to meet the improvement processes. Our topics for discussion include:

Workforce Environment
•Workforce capability and capacity 
•Workforce support 

Workforce Engagement 
•High‐performance work 
•Workforce engagement and performance 
•Factors in workforce engagement
•Factors inhibiting engagement
•Compensation and recognition 
•Other indicators of workforce engagement 
•Workforce development needs 
•Learning and development locations
•Individual learning and development needs
•Customer contact training
•Knowledge transfer
•Learning and development effectiveness

This category asks how senior leaders’ personal actions and your governance system guide and sustain your organization. The item asks about key aspects of your organization’s governance system, including the improvement of leadership. It also asks how your organization ensures that everyone in the organization behaves legally and ethically, how it fulfills its societal responsibilities, and how it supports its key communities. 

Senior Leadership 
•The role of Senior Leadership
•Developing role-model senior leaders 

Governance and Societal Responsibilities
•Supporting organizational governance
•Understanding legal compliance, ethics, and risks
•Understanding public concerns
•Conserving natural resources
•Appreciating the role of societal responsibility
•Fostering community support

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Engaging in organizational planning and working to implement change can be a difficult process; it can be daunting and unpredictable. Managers often wonder where to begin, what to take into account, how to overcome resistance, and how to ensure the changes made will be successful. Peregrines services are available to help organizational members create plans, improve processes, assess training needs, and institute change. Whether dealing with internal change to revitalize an organization or the changes associated with the merging of two different organizations, we have training programs available to help train and support members of any organization.    

All of our staff have been leaders in multiple change and improvement projects. Regardless of the methodology employed, lean, six sigma, TQM, Baldrige, ITIL, Agile, etcetera, Peregrine can provide a platform and plan to integrate a combination of workforce development, training and strategic analysis to ensure your critical endeavor is executed effectively and efficiently. 

Our approach focuses on three specific areas: understanding the customer needs, managing an effective operating environment and promoting a progressive knowledge management system. Topics covered within each are highlighted below.

Customer Focus

Voice of the Customer 
•Customer listening
•Actionable information
•Listening/learning and business strategy
•Social media
•Customer and market knowledge
•Customers’ satisfaction with competitors

Customer Engagement 
•Engagement as a strategic action
•Customer relationship strategies
•Complaint management

There comes a time when the implementation is more important than theory.

Your priority is to grow your business.   Like other world-class organizations, you want your business to achieve amazing results in a cost-effective manner.  You are searching for best practices to propel your business or organization to the next level. 

Don’t try to go it alone. Let the experienced team from Peregrine help you select and implement the best practices for your organization – effectively and efficiently. Our priority is to help you create an environment of innovation, imagination and excellence.

Our approach to Performance Excellence is results-driven. We first determine what the organization most wants and needs to improve its performance. We then implement a Baldrige-based system to accomplish these results. We’ve found that leaders and employees need to experience early successes in their improvement programs in order to build confidence and skills for later incremental and breakthrough improvements.

We view organizations from a systems perspective where the efforts of the people and the processes must be focused and aligned to optimize short- and long-term results. A key aspect of success for any Performance Excellence program is the participation and commitment of the senior leaders. Baldrige Coaching helps educate senior leaders to gain and sustain their buy-in.  

Our approach to meeting your education needs uses participative, adult learning techniques. We also prefer to design and facilitate self-assessments rather than act as the assessors. One reason is that people don’t argue with their own data! So, when we finish facilitating your self-assessment, you and the participants own the results and are committed to the prioritized next steps.

 Our belief is that everyone in the organization has two tasks – doing their job and improving the way the job is done. We also believe that, over time, Baldrige is not something extra that you do; it becomes the way you run your business every day.

Our Performance Excellence approach integrates and leverages change among the three primary performance systems within a company:

  • Leadership – planning, deployment, and accountability
  • People – leaders, employees, and the cultural environment
  • Operations – work systems, processes, procedures, and measures

 Applying the Baldrige Criteria and framework is not an end…it is a means to an end. We measure our success by our clients’ results. It is those results that earn them the title of an award recipient.