Project Management Professional and Six Sigma
Quality Training for Transitioning Veterans

Peregrine Integrated Management is expanding its training curriculum to offer Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Quality Management Certification training for Transitioning Military Professionals. Coming soon to the greater central Arkansas area, these courses will provide online and blended learning environments for experienced leaders seeking to bolster their resumes with critical professional certifications.


Peregrine IM was entrusted by the US Railroad Retirement Board as their first external Professional Staff Development training provider. Peregrine instructors, along with instructors from training partners Adino, Inc and BlackRain Partners, are delivering world class staff development courses in a variety of subject. Topics include:

-   Microsoft Excel Beginner
-   Intermediate
-   Advanced,
-   Microsoft Word,
-   Time Management,
-   Dealing with Difficult People,
-   Problem Solving,
-   Leadership
-   Grammar and Proofreading
-   Emotional Intelligence


Peregrine is the training provider and performs training program management, facilitation, mentoring and coaching duties for the Middle Manager Leader Development Program at the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This course of instruction involves facilitated leadership development workshops. These interactive events are supplemented by robust self-paced learning opportunities presented in an interactive electronic format. The blended learning format provides structured, yet individualized opportunities for professional growth among the diverse workforce within the organization. Curriculum includes an introspective and holistic personality assessment to determine primary and secondary personality traits and to provide suggested strategies for working with individuals with conflicting personality traits. This course of instruction to date has targeted specific skill areas for the government agency workplace such as interpersonal relationships among coworkers, conflict resolution, decision making in a team environment, and analysis of upcoming team projects.  Peregrine is responsible adapting the course of instruction based on leadership guidance as the leader development program evolves and new workforce and/or agency needs are highlighted.  The Peregrine team of professional trainers, facilitators, and coaches is also responsible for monitoring, tracking and reporting student progress during the 2-year course of instruction.

Agency: Arkansas Department of Veteran Affairs
Title: Arkansas State Veterans Home Quality Management Initiative

Peregrine was chosen to lead the Arkansas Veterans Home staff in a quality management initiative in preparation for the Arkansas Department of Veteran Affairs opening of a second long term care facility in the state.  The peregrine team worked with the staff to assess and document both highly functioning processes and processes needing improvement.  The Peregrine team of coaches and facilitators used the Malcolm Baldrige framework as a guide to overhauling the personality-driven organizational culture with a process-driven culture and a focus on action to meet patient and customer needs.  Peregrine training professionals provided platform instruction, small group facilitation, and key personnel coaching on the development and use of balanced metrics to monitor short and longer term performance of key processes.  Through interactive facilitation Peregrine led the process of assessing current mission, vision, and organizational core values to produce an organizational profile adequately defining the key characteristics of the organization and environment in which they operate.  Peregrine coaches worked with the organization leadership to promote leadership behaviors that enhance communication and engagement with the diverse workforce, key customers, and stakeholders. Our coaches worked with leaders and staff to refine action plans to support the organization’s mission.   During the course of this contract, our instructional designers and facilitators modified standard curriculum based on changing organizational demands and input from leadership as the project progressed.

Agency: Windstream Communications
Title: Streamline Lean Six Sigma Course Development

Peregrine Integrated Management is a primary training provider for Windstream Communications Business Process Program. Since November 2015, Peregrine has worked with Windstream the instructional design and business process teams to develop their “Streamline” Process Improvement training program to include syllabus development, training content and delivery. Lesson modules included:

-   Team Dynamics and Paradigm Shifts
-   Determining Customers, Needs, and Requirements
-   Quality Function Deployment and Customer Service
-   Process Mapping and Analysis
-   Data Collection Methodologies
-   Basic Process Analysis
-   Root Cause Analysis
-   Lean Tools and Techniques
-   Project Management
-   Leadership Development

After training development and delivery, Peregrine worked with Windstream personnel through multiple data collection, analysis and improvement projects. Peregrine continuous today to deliver training programs to Windstream and consult with them on improvement techniques.