About Peregrine Integrated Management, Inc.

Mission: The mission of Peregrine Integrated Management is to provide services to businesses and governmental organizations to increase efficiency, promote competitiveness, and prepare the next generation of leaders.

Vision: The Vision of Peregrine is to be recognized as a premiere project management, process management, quality management consulting and training firm in Arkansas and to be a leader in the promotion of veteran business enterprises and veteran employment in the state.

Values: Peregrine Core Values Include: “IM A VET
            Integrity - being honest regardless of the outcome 
           Measure - measuring and using data to drive actions        
           Accountability - being accountable to clients and team members for professional and personal conduct         
           Veteran - appreciating and respecting the service of veterans and those who supported them to enable their future      
           Excellence - striving to deliver outstanding service and results
           Teamwork – working as a member of a greater team to support other team members or build greater team capability

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Peregrine was founded in 2010 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Peregrine’s primary lines of service include project management integration and training, quality management integration and training, along with a full suite of professional development training services—from Microsoft Word, to Advanced Microsoft Excel, to Team Building and Customer Service. We use the Baldrige Framework along with Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise methodologies to improve processes, save resources, and create value for our customers. 

Peregrine was the first Arkansas firm to graduate from the congressionally recognized National Veterans Institute for Procurement in Washington DC in June 2015. Our client base includes corporate, state and federal clients.  Recent contracts include leadership development training for the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis and leadership and professional development training for the US Federal Railroad Retirement Board in Chicago. In addition, Peregrine provides project management services to oversee the distribution of large scale storage batteries to the Defense Logistics Agency centers in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Japan.

Leaders make a difference - A big difference. At Peregrine we believe teams are a reflection of their leaders and results are the product of teamwork. Our approach focuses on leadership development. Whether you’re the CEO or shift manager, you have a leadership role and you are a part of the solution. By focusing on leadership, we strive to strengthen an environment of organizational trust, respect and process ownership thus increasing effectiveness at exponential rates.

There is absolutely no "I" in team. Peregrine's team building approach uses the proven tenets of performance behavior management to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. We offer and teach proven techniques to enhance communication, promote effective teamwork, project planning, situational awareness and risk management principles within your company. Every project is conducted with your team of professionals who can gain from the experience and enhance you process improvement culture.

Your success is our business - time, effectiveness and results are our mission. Peregrine follows a deliberate, structured approach to every project management and process improvement event. Using proven methodologies as a guide, every week of execution has stated tasks and deliverables. After each tollgate, project champions are briefed on results and given the opportunity to validate progresses. Our ultimate goal is your unconditional endorsement.

Christine MacInnes
Director of Business Development
Bob Haines, PhD
Associate Consultant
Quality Manager
Baldrige Judge
Sharon McCone
Associate Consultant
Certified Master Coach
Linda Thornbrugh
Associate Consultant
Nursing Quality 
Management Specialist
Dr. Jake Stweart
Associate Consultant
Loma Westmoreland
Associate Consultant
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Archie Frye
Associate Consultant Leadership Coach
Noah Eggensperger
Office Manager
Curriculum Developer