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"Give a person a ride, you move them for the moment; teach them to fly, and they can define their destination." 
​Teaming Instructors
Recognizing that training time is valuable, it is critically important to provide a positive learning environment for our clients. Peregrine employees a teaming approach with at least two expert instructors for every course. This offers differing perspectives on issues and more individual time for team exercises.

Tailored Training
Peregrine organizational training can be tailored specifically to the client. We work with your team to identify specific project and objectives to cover during the class to add realism and application to the course. During the course, your team will review the tools of the discipline and then work directly on those projects you selected to produce real world results at the conclusion of the event.

Multi-Sector Training 
Recognizing Lean Six Sigma has gained the stigma of being a manufacturing sector methodology, Peregrine offers lectures, case studies and exercises focused on multiple other sectors. From deployment efforts in services, information technology, healthcare and government sectors, our training and expert instructors cover a wide array of industries. This allows us to provide training more applicable to client requirements.

The Peregrine Approach
     Peregrine offers project management, quality management,  and lean six sigma training. We have certified professionals with operational experience in formal project management, quality, and lean six sigma methodologies. Their experience is spread acrosss government, information systems, aerospace, logistics and business sectors. Our training programs utilize a combination of instructor-led and exercise based training to meet specific and tangible training objectivesl. We have experience providing world class instruction in dynamic training environments related to core methodologies as well as complimentary classes in strategic management, process transformations, operations, workforce and knowledge management.
     Peregrine Team. We are most proud of the team of professional instructors and associate consultants. Our cadre of professionals hold certifications at the highest industry standard and can provide guidance on how to guide your workforce toward similar achievement.  
     What makes peregrine training different from the others is two-fold; teaming and tailoring. All classes are conducted by a team of at least two instructors to offer different perspectives and expertise. Additionally, at the desire of the company, training can be tailored to the your organization using real world projects or situations.

Peregrine Training
If you have any concerns or questions about Peregrine IM please contact us directly at 501-606-9169 or via email at
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