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Leadership Development Training
Quality Management Training
Course Overview: Delivered by leaders with more that 20 years of individual experience in dynamic, diverse and challenging positions, these training events and interactive workshops examine the variety of issues facing the leaders of today and tommorrow.  Leadership doesn't just happen--it is built within an organization and is the number one key to organizational success.  

We invite you to take advance of this opportunity to bring your leaders together to discuss leadership topics including:

-The Foundations of Leadership
-Innate Characteristics of Leadership
-The Leadership Journey
-Honesty, Integrity and Ethics
-Forces of Change That Affect Leadership
-New Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

Recommended Attendance: Designed for all levels of leadership within the organization, these events can be tailored to your audience and can be as interactive as your organization desires. The discussion is designed to promote effective communication, leadership, mentorship and followership in a team environment. 

Details: The interactive workshops are designed to cover a 3.0 hour period but can be structured to fit within you training schedule as needed.
​Peregrine offers lectures and seminars on Quality Management. Following the tenants of the Malcolm Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence, our series will provide  innovative training on Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Knowledge Management, Workforce Planning, and Operations. In addition, Peregrine provides training on the basic tenants of the Baldige Criteria.
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