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Business Process Improvement
Eliminate Waste, Increase Flow and Get it Right the First Time

Business process improvement a basic need for organizations striving to achieve increased throughput and reduced delivery times with existing resources in an intensely competitive environment.  Business process improvement initiatives can deliver substantial benefits to your organization, including increased strategic value, more efficient resource utilization, higher quality products and services, accelerated time to market and a strengthened bottom line.

Peregrine delivers a range of superior business process improvement solutions, including:
• Process Design / Reengineering
• Process Mapping and Maintenance
• Project Management/Business Analysis
• Staffing Model Development
• Data Systems Development
• Data Collection Design (Data Mining, Data Services)
• Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
• Advanced Analytics
• Value Stream Mapping
• Survey Design and Analysis
• Business Process Simulation / Optimization
• Design of Experiments (DOE)
• Control System Development
• Product Design and Development (Design for Six Sigma)
• Program Deployment

Process Design / Reengineering
Whether it relates to your existing products/services or new ones, Peregrine will apply its proven, data-driven methodology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of each of the processes that go into the production and delivery of those products/services. This results in many positive benefits, such as higher-quality, increased profit margins, greater customer satisfaction, more referrals, etc.

Peregrine will use Lean Six Sigma methodology to define, measure and analyze your business process. A well designed process will improve efficiency and deliver greater productivity. We strive to understand the business process and align a set of logically designed activities that deliver value to the customer and your business. Defining your business framework is key to understanding the gaps between wants and needs of your business.

Process Mapping and Maintenance
Peregrine will define and document the exact business process and the responsible parties. We offer one time creation and extended maintenance plans to keep your documentation current. Having a clear and detailed map of your process will facilitate improvements and issue identification.

Process Map Maintenance Program
Keep your process maps updated with a quarterly or annual review performed by a Peregrine process engineer.

Process maps are graphical representations of business processes that offer insight into the lifecycle of a transaction or product. When complimented with process simulations, and a Peregrine consultant, process maps become powerful tools to identify constraints and other issues. Process simulation is a useful cost saving tool for testing potential process improvements and scenarios.

Project Management/Business Analysis
Peregrine can act as a liaison between the business and technical communities by identifying the impact of potential projects, creating the business and functional requirements that meet customer needs and deliver on key objectives. Peregrine has certified project managers specializing in risk, time and cost management, resource allocation, high level status reporting, and change management.

Data and Knowledge Systems Development
Peregrine can build and/or implement data systems that are purchased or developed in-house. We then work with business owners to develop reporting and dashboards to better understand your optimize knowledge management processes .

Data Collection Design (Data Mining, Data Services)
Peregrine’s highly trained associates will assist and gather data on the specific processes and use advanced statistical analysis to understand the questions related to your business problems. Peregrine has the expertise to help design manual and automated data collection techniques that work in your business environment.

Staffing Model Development
Staffing models can streamline organizations, assist with strategic management decisions, and improve employee productivity. Peregrine will help identify key performance indicators and build reporting methods to make those decisions easier.

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
Peregrine will review your current data collection process and perform an MSA to qualify your measurement system by quantifying its accuracy, precision, and stability. Comparing the average measurement value vs. the actual values, we can determine the accuracy of your collection process.

Advanced Analytics
Peregrine associates merge process improvement methods with analytical tools and models to increase quality, reduce costs, and improve operational performance. Our tools include, but are not limited to:
- Logistic Regression
- Time Series Analysis
- Forecasting
- Comparative Testing
- TAKT Time Analysis

Value Stream Mapping
Peregrine Associates will use this Lean technique to analyze the flow of materials or information through a process. We identify “value-add” and “non-value-add” steps in the process to measure and remove “waste.”

A value stream map can be used in any industry from healthcare to supply chain. It is a valuable asset to understand what steps are providing value in a process.

Survey Design and Analysis
To improve data collection using surveys, Peregrine will perform a review of the effectiveness of your current surveys and work with the business owner to fill any gaps in your research. We will also help perform analysis to make sense of the data received.

Business Process Simulation / Optimization
Working closely with our clients, Peregrine develops necessary simulations that incorporate real-world factors and "What if?" scenarios. In this type of environment, processes can be quickly and inexpensively tested and refined without disrupting current operations. Once the data has clearly identified the best processes, our clients can be confident in successful outcomes prior to their actual implementation. 

With the help of your subject matter experts, we will create an individual process model specific to your business with performance characteristics, including throughput and resource utilization. This will create a real-time picture of your process flow where we can monitor and measure key performance indicators that we will use to identify inefficiency and pain points.

Design of Experiments (DOE)
Peregrine Associates uses a systematic approach to examine a process. Using a series of controlled tests on multiple variables of a process, Peregrine can measure the effects the changes have to the process. This approach allows for faster results and shows interdependencies of the variables.

Control System Development
Peregrine will work with the business owners and review your current reporting model and develop controls based on historical performance and company goals. Elements of a Process Control System:
- Process Maps
- Process Documentation
- RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)
- Process Control Plan
- Dashboards (Scorecards)
- MBF’s (Manage By Fact)
- Process Contingency Plan

Product Design and Development (Design for Six Sigma)
Peregrine has experience in product design using the principles outlined in Design for Six Sigma. We address the needs of the customers and business by driving those needs into the optimal product solution.

Program Deployment
Our program deployment services help clients achieve improved performance by delivering methodologies, process changes, and resource redeployment when and where they're needed. We have functional and operational experience with technology, marketing, and outsourcing programs of all sizes.

Other Peregrine Services
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